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Calcium Borogluconate: Used in treatments for hypothermia and milk fever, also frog cramping.
Calcium-Sandoz: Used as a dietary supplement where calcium intake may be inadequate.
Carpet moss: Becoming more scarce, carpet moss is used by Gardeners and Herpers. It is sold in flats or 'sheets' and used to cover the bottom of terrariums and vivariums.
Caudal: Pertaining to the tail of a tadpole.
Cercariae: Cercariae are larval stages of trematode worm-parasites, which emerge from snail intermediate hosts and infect other hosts.
Chytrid: More on Chytrid
Cloaca: The common chamber into which digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems empty and which itself opens to the exterior of the anuran through the vent or anus.
Chitin:A semi-transparent horny substance forming the main component of crustacean and insect exoskeletons.
Clutch: The eggs deposited by a single female during one breeding
Conservation: To conserve or help save, preserve an environment or specie. You can help save frogs if you have a garden spot in your backyard. Click Adobe Acrobat needed to view this PDF document for froggy to download a pdf file chock full of information on helping out.
Cranial crest: Cranial relates to the skull. Crest relates to an elevated ridge-like structure seen on many toads and some frogs.
Crepuscular: Being active at dusk or dawn.
Cryptic: Befitting of concealing, in other words, evolutionized to blend in with a particular background in order to camouflage, or hide. This can be accomplished either through body shape or outline, coloration or both.
Cycling: Cycling refers to preparing your frogs for breeding. Going through various steps and routines to induce amplexus. For more on how to cycle your frogs, see Breeding your Frogs.

Eleutherodactylus thorectes, or Macaya breast spot frog, is highly endangered








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