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Heliothermic: Pertaining to a species that basks in the sun in order to thermo-regulate their body temperature.
Host: The plant or animal species that is being used parasitically by another organism in order to survive. An example would be tapeworms inside your dog living off of your pet's food/blood intake.
Host specificity: The degree to which an infectious agent remains confined to one species of host or its relatives. Low host specificity means that the infectious agent can infect many species of host, or species of host that are not closely related taxonomically.
Husbandry: Practicing the proper care, housing, health and feeding issues to animals in one's pocession. To view further information on a few of the basic practices to follow with frogs, Click here.
Hybrid: Offspring resulting from the breeding of two different (perhaps sub) species together. In most cases, the offspring are sterile.
Hydrate: To restore body moisture by drinking or absorption. Amphibians have skin that allows water to penetrate it easily, and keeping them hydrated is of utmost importance.
Hydration chamber: An enclosed high-humidity chamber used to help desiccated frogs rehydrate.
Hylid, Hylidae: Refers to a treefrog.

Atelopus Balios, or the Rio pescado stubfoot toad, is very endangered








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